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Name: Lydia Smith

Review Policy:

I am currently only accepting physical review copies from established publishers.

If you are self publishing, please send me a DM on twitter with your appeal and why you think I’ll like your book – and I may reconsider. I will be wanting a physical copy here too, as that is my preferred method of reading.

Publishers: If you would like for me to review a book, you can contact me at my business email ( I am only interested in YA of any genre or high fantasy books.

If you are here to try and find more locations to chat with me, I’m most active on twitter but also have a bunch of other social medias you can check out:

Twitter: @SilverWolfReads

Facebook: @SilverWolfReads

Instagram: @SilverWolfReads

Goodreads: @SilverWolfReads

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