I may have gone a little crazy – but for good reason: it was my birthday. Which totally allows me to binge buy books because what else would I spend birthday money on?! Okay, so maybe I could have saved up for a new set of cutlery and to replace some plates that I’m missing – but I’m in the process of moving house and not only is that a nightmare, but I’ll probably break/lose more crockery in the process. So in conclusion, it would be a total waste to buy useful things at this point in my life. Plus, I’ve been working twice as many hours at work since a few people are away on holiday which means that next month’s pay check will be a sight to behold. It doesn’t make any sense to preemptively spend all the money I don’t yet have, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping me. Not when my eyes go all ‘kid in a toy shop’ when I enter my local Waterstones. It’s just a weakness, what can I say?!



Now that it’s finally July and therefore sharing the book I technically got in the May Fairyloot box definitely won’t be a spoiler- I figure I’ll be a bit cheeky and add it to this haul. I was being considerate not adding it to my last one, so I hope you’ll forgive me for hauling it a month late.


So I’ve actually somehow ended up with THREE copies of We Hunt The Flame. It is an adorable family that fills me with happy feelings, but has also resulted in a lot of judgement from my boyfriend every time I state (complain) that I don’t have enough space on my bookshelves and I totally need a new one. “You have several copies of many books, Lydia”. If I’m being honest to myself, he does have a point. BUT THIS TIME WAS ACCIDENTAL. I traded for the US ARC several months ago, and then received a paperback review copy from the UK publisher. And then my preorder arrived this month too. Whoops?


These have been on my ‘maybe I should pick these up’ list for aaaages, and when it came to me and my sister being in a bookstore together, she ended up buying me the first book in the trilogy as part of my birthday present and I had some reward points saved up on my Waterstones loyalty card that ended up covering the next two books. Sure, I don’t know if I’ll actually like them yet bUT I’VE HEARD SO MANY GOOD THINGS!


Alright, alright, I’ll admit it: this book is another example of what I was talking about earlier and not having enough bookshelf room. It’s totally possible that I may or may not have 3 copies of this one too. Technically, I only actually bought one of them so it’s not my fault! I just got lucky enough to get the UK ARC at YALC last year, and then got sent the new paperback that is releasing super duper soon here in the country I call home. (I don’t know why I called it that, I live in England, it’s really not that exciting or exotic- but give me this one, okay?!)


A few months back I made a “adult romances I’m tempted to try” post, and this was one of the most highly recommended from this list. As soon as you readers knew that I was interested even slightly in potentially picking this one up, you bombarded me until I finally did. AND I DID. AND I LOVED IT. More on that in my wrap-up though, I cant tell you all the good stuff now in case you don’t go read my next post.


After adoring Evelyn so much, I couldn’t not pick up another of Taylor Jenkin Reid’s books. That would be like only having one spoonful of delicious chocolate (milk-free) ice cream and then not finishing the bowl. I’ve only made a mere chip in reading all the books she has out, BUT I’LL GET THERE. Probably.


I get so much satisfaction from the fact I can finally haul this one! If you’ve been around for a while you’ll remember that I had this in my “BOOKS I PREORDERED” post many moons ago, and I’m glad to say they are finally rolling in. I don’t actually expect to get round to this one any time soon purely because I don’t actually know where it is. (it’s in a box SOMEWHERE amongst a hundred other boxes!)


You know that nervous feeling you get when sending a request email for a review copy that makes you 99% sure you aren’t going to get accepted? I felt so strongly that I was way too late in replying to Harper360’s YA newsletter as I didn’t get round to responding until after a long shift at work, and was pretty much sure that all the books would have been assigned by now and that I wouldn’t be getting any of the ones I wanted so when this huge package arrived in the post, I screamed for at least a week. There was a lot of gushing, squealing and stroking of books. Honestly? I’m still not over it. BEST. BOOK POST. EVER.


Getting an email to say that Wicked Fox was available for collection at my local bookstore was probably one of the most exciting things that had happened to me that week. It had been a rough one with lots of hours and not very much free time. I was behind on reading and it was making me miserable, but getting my hands on one of my preordered most anticipated releases definitely cheered me up. I have a feeling I’ll be getting round to it verrrry soon!


This was one of those definite “how did this happen?” accidental purchases. I must have blacked out in the bookstore and the next thing I knew I was outside and had bought this one. I don’t mind too much that I impulse bought something, considering the fact I’m ALWAYS willing to support UKYA authors, especially one so fundamental in the book community. The plot line might not be totally captivating to me right now, but I know I’ll be in the mood for YA contemporary soon and this will be the perfect choice.


Volume 2 isn’t technically meant to be out for another few weeks yet, so when I saw this singular copy left on the shelf I did the whole toddler-grabby-hands thing and figured I might as well get it whilst I could. I’d love to do a reread of the first before getting into this one, but I also have no clue which box it’s in so I imagine this will be one of the books I pick up after I’ve finally settled into my new place. Only a few more weeks to go!


Please throw a party because I FINALLY am able to remove this one off my wishlist after probably a year of considering. I’ve heard so many good things and you all know how much I love books like Warcross and Ready Player One, which it has been compared to a billion times. I’m so happy I put my foot down and bought it with some birthday money. NO REGRETS.


This is actually one that’s climbed onto my wishlist multiple times, then been deleted when I’m not in the mood for high fantasy, and then been re-added when I am. I almost picked it up in New York when I went there for a holiday last month, but I didn’t and I regretted it. But birthday money enabled me to fix my mistake, guilt-free.


I got super lucky with a trade for this one, as it’s been one I’ve had my big, beady eyes on since the gorgeous cover was revealed. Not only is the artwork pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen, but the actual plot line just sounds AMAZING. The only issue is, I’ve hyped it up so much in my mind that when I pick it up to read it, I get scared that it won’t meet my expectations and end up setting it down again before I’ve even read page one. I’m pretty sure if I was brave enough to just start the book, I’d fly right through to the end. Please give me encouragement!


A friend actually sent me this one as I mentioned I was planning on reading it but the book was way too expensive at the time for me to justify picking it up, so she said she’d send me her copy to keep! It is one of the most intimidating books ever, with the size of the ARC being a similar size to the hardback of Priory of the Orange Tree (and we all know what a hunker that is). I can just tell this one is going to take a lot of time to get through, so I’ll probably wait until I have a completely free day and can just binge binge binge.


This is not only the final book of my haul, but also another book I have many editions of. My collection now consists of the finished copy as well as the UK ARC, US ARC and a signed finished copy. It’s one of my favourite books of all time and the author, Tasha, is so freaking sweet. I don’t like to say “I’d die for you” to a lot of people but I’d definitely be willing to risk my life to save her if she was ever in danger. You know when some people are just so pure and adorable that you want to protect them forever and uplift their voice and give them the crown to rule the country? Yep, she’s just one of those people- and let me tell you: her book is just as good.

That’s it, folks.

22 new books to add to my collection! It doesn’t sound like that much, until I realise that I went to BookCon last month and got over 30 then too. My TBR is probably screaming in pain, and I’m pretty confident all these new books I’ve got lately might just mean I own more unread books than the ones on my shelves. Or, at least, it’ll be getting tragically close to being fairly 50/50. Which is not what I want. AT ALL. But that just means I have to read more, so hopefully from here on out my wrap-ups will be bigger so I can start crossing off some more books!

Wish me luck!


Add yours

  1. Wow, you weren’t kidding, that’s an amazing haul! I really hope you enjoy Gentleman Bastards, it’s one of my favorite series. I have an eARC for Serpent & Dove and a hard copy of Wicked Fox on my TBR, I’m really looking forward to those!

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