I suck at committing to TBRs. I always have. For the past year, in fact, I’ve stopped making them and just going for gut-instinct when it comes to choosing my next read. This has largely been successful, allowing me to read new releases, backlist books and upcoming ARCs without all the pressure that comes from ‘I’ll read this then I’ll read this then I’ll read this’. That doesn’t work for me. My TBR cart is honestly more of a ‘I need more shelf space so I’ll get this’ than an actual place to keep my ‘TBR’. That being said, it’s a placeholder. It carries the books that I haven’t yet integrated into my book shelves, new ones in series that just don’t fit next to the rest and quite a lot of 2020 ARCs that I’ve been sent for review. I prefer to keep those off my shelf until I’ve… y’know… read them.

That being said, why not have a look at what’s on my cart?

On the bottom shelf of my cart, I mainly have tall ARCs and my Hardbacks. Most are 2020 releases, as you can see, but quite a few are ‘backlist’ for me, like Priory of The Orange Tree and Aurora Rising. I’ve talked a little about being too scared to read these two before, so I can see them staying on my cart for a long time. Where Dreams Descend was a present from my beautiful friend Yara, who offered it to me for no reason other than me being desperate and her being a lovely person. It’s the gorgeous cover-less edition of the ARC and I honestly cried when I opened the parcel so I imagine it won’t be long until this one gets read and integrated into my shelves. The Unspoken Name is another that arrived this month but I kinda see it not being read for a while because I have a genuine fear of fantasy books. Especially really hyped ones.

The middle shelf of my cart is dominated entirely by ARCS. Technically I’ve already read Harley in The Sky (I finished it yesterday), but it’s not been merged into my collection yet. It just looks so pretty and adorable on my cart and stands out a lot more than it would when blended in with the other 600 or so books I own. Between The Burning Worlds is probably my most hyped from this list, with the first book Sky Without Stars having been my 2nd favourite 2019 read. This was a trade sent from America and I will treasure this ARC forever. A Song of Wraiths and Ruin and Blood Countess were also trades, but the others were sent from publishers.

The final shelf, and the top shelf, is mostly smaller paperbacks (with the exception of Defy, which is too small for the second shelf but too tall to match the ones on the top. Yeah, I’m upset about it). A Winter’s Promise is probably my top priority from this list, having owned it for… more than a while. Rules For Being A Girl and Love is For Losers only arrived yesterday and I have to send a big thankyou to My Kinda Book for the review copies. I’ve been super in the mood for romance books lately (possibly because of Valentines?) so I imagine the contemporaries will get snatched up and read pretty damn quickly. Although I’m still trying to save I See London, I See France for when I move to Australia early next year. I NEED A TRAVEL BOOK TO HYPE ME UP SO I’M LESS SCARED OF THE JOURNEY, OK?

And that’s everything I’ve got on my cart> technically it could fit at least double the amount of books I have on it, but I know that filling it up too much would make me stressed about how many books I have to read. Yep, that’s the silly way my brain works. Although I can EE it filling up QUICKLY because I have a WAY TOO BUG February Haul coming up, so keep your eye out for that!

Please let me know if you are interested in buddy reading any of the above books with me as I definitely need a friend to actually get to some of them!

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