We all know the feeling when our TBR is taller than we are, and our shelves are weighed down by unfinished titles. I have this awful habit of reading book 1 of a series, bulk purchasing the rest and just… never picking them up. I can’t carry on like this, especially when I have very little space left for new titles. I need to get through some series that take up huge chunks of a shelf and decide if they are worth keeping, and 2019 is the year of the backlist. (Or so I’ve heard). Perhaps making a list of everything will motivate me, or maybe it’ll just terrify me, but here are the series that I’ve started and just need to prioritize, push myself out of my comfort zone and get to the end so I can finally stop feeling guilty when I pick up new release after new release. I shouldn’t feel guilty, but I do. Some of these series I’ve owned for years, and just never finished. Whoops?

Fallen Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

I’ve read the first book more times than I can count, and loved it enough to pass it along to my sister to read. There’s nothing stopping me from picking up the next 3 books in the series that I own (not counting the 2 books in the companion duology I also have). Nothing at all. Apart from motivation. And time. And all the other pretty books that keep distracting me, but I really want to get back to these ones. I stare at them a lot and I keep getting so close, but I’m just intimidated by the fact that I’ve only read the first one and it’s a huge chunker of a series. BUT SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE IT SO SURELY IT’LL BE WORTH IT RIGHT??

Image result for falling kingdoms

Finding Sky by Joss Stirling

These were the books of my childhood. Soul mates, magic powers and books that fitted perfectly in my hands – I was in love. I’ve read Finding Sky so many times I’d need a calculator to sum it up, and even read Stealing Phoenix and Seeking Crystal a fair few times. But there are 3 more books that are just sitting on my shelves looking pretty. They are doing a great job of it, mind. But I didn’t buy them to just sit and gather dust. I bought them to read, and I haven’t. I know they are the perfect read for when I’m in a slump, or just not feeling emotionally healthy, which is often, so I have no reason not to fall back into the world of savants that I adore. I’ll be home soon babies, I promise.

Image result for finding sky by joss stirling

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

I’m along with the rest of the world who feel intimidated by the ever expanding world of the shadowhunters. I’m at least 2 books behind and that’s ignoring the novellas, extras and completely-irrelevant-to-the-main-story companion titles. I was on track with this series once upon a time, but now I’m lacking. I still buy them with stubborn loyalty, and Cassie dominates almost an entire shelf with her books- but that doesn’t mean I actually read them.

Image result for mortal instruments by cassandra clare

An Ember in the Ashes

I read this one long ago when it was just taking flight in the YA universe, but now it is a completed trilogy that I’ve not even considered picking up for a long time. Until now, anyway. This is why these reflection posts are so important to me – they remind me what my priorities should be, and I know this series should be one of them. My need to read them increased when they got their gorgeous cover re-works, and hopefully by the end of next month I can be proud of myself and finally announce that I’ve read them. HOPEFULLY.

Image result for an ember in the ashes trilogy

Those are all the ones I want to focus on!

Obviously, there are probably a thousand other series that I’ve fallen behind on, but I only wanted to mention some of the main ones. The ones that I’m ashamed I haven’t finished.

But maybe I need that shame to convince myself to pick them up, so please feel free to scream at me to finish your favourites.

Are there any here you are behind on too? Maybe a buddy read could help us both!


Add yours

  1. I’m not going to lie, Cassandra Clare’s entire series has intimidated me too. I’m way behind, to the point where I’m really nervous about trying to catch up. Glad to see that someone else is in the same boat! 😉


      1. I really liked the first 3 books but again another author decided to convert a trilogy into a series which didn’t make sense for me…other 3 books were totally torture to read for me…Writing,character everything. Nothing worked for me.


  2. I haven’t finished The Falling Lingdoms series either! But the thing is I have just the last book to read. I plan on reading it this year though….hopefully.


  3. I highly recommend continuing Falling Kingdoms. They are really good!

    I’m behind on Red Queen. I have only read the first two and now the last two books in the series are probably wondering why I haven’t bought them yet…


  4. I am way more behind on reading the shadowhunter chronicles than you are, don’t worry. I did read some of the books and the whole TID but I remember NOTHING from them, so I gotta reread everything before I can read TDA and finally get caught up. I’ve also not finish ember, though I have read the first two books. I want to see the series through but I don’t really care about the characters. I’m gonna have to read plot summaries of the first two books though because I read them a log time ago. Also, I finished the entire falling kingdoms series and the conclusion was sooo disappointing I can’t even. For me, the series peaked at the first three books and then steadily declined after that.

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      1. Ugh, all! :-(( I’m sorry but the plot got really convenient & simple, the ending was your basic cookie cutter happy ending, and the writing was just basic. There’s also a case of abuser forgiveness in the last book. Who knows? Maybe you can still enjoy it though? I really don’t want to stop you from reading something you could potentially like/love!


  5. Haha I haven’t finished The Mortal Instruments series either! I was all caught up with every book released and then I waited too long and now there are sooooo many more! Plus now I would have to go and re-read the first ones because I won’t remember everything! There are just too many!


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