February Reading Wrap Up – Too Many Good Books and My Broken Heart

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a month where everything we’ve read has been “meh”, and it’s put us in a slump and made us want to quit reading for the foreseeable future. But what about when everything was just too good? My expectations have gone sky high, and consistently amazing reads has left me with a lot of pain and a very worried brain that nothing will ever compare to my last read ever again and that every book will suck for the rest of my life. But if I try and forget the inevitable fall of “I’ve read so many great books, when am I suddenly going to read a bad one?” and just focus on the ones I’ve loved, then I can power through and keep on the winning streak of reading I’ve been on lately.

And so, ____ books later – I’m ready to talk about all the books I read in February.

Books 1-6: The Shadow and Bone trilogy, The Six of Crows duology and King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll have seen the book world blow up with anticipation for King of Scars, the latest Bardugo book that had everyone making grabby hands left, right and centre. I hadn’t read the Shadow and Bone trilogy in years, and hadn’t read the Six of Crows in as long as I can remember, so a reread was in order. It was nice to be back home.

Book 7: The Tiger At Midnight by Swati Teerdhala // Rating: 4.5 stars

I’m always a fan of female assassin stories, and even more so when they take place in the dead of the night. The Viper has been slithering its way out of capture for years, pulling off impossible feats and conquering tasks that shouldn’t be possible. Kunal is a solider in the army, pledged to protect the people. Until a pretty face catches his eye and pulls him away from his duty, his promise – leading to the death of his Uncle, the Commander of the watch. Now he has to account for his actions. He has to bring the Viper back to pay for the blood they spilled whilst his back was turned.

The Tiger At Midnight is an own voices fantasy that pulls on some standard YA tropes and builds them brick by brick into a fortress of beauty. I was hooked from day one.

Book 8: The Fever King by Victoria Lee // Rating: 5 stars

I read this as part of my book club, and the fact that it was Amazon’s YA First Pick – making the paperback £3.99. I had it on preorder for months on end, and was ecstatic when it arrived in the post. I picked it up the second I could, and am completely in love with Victoria Lee’s writing. It was a story that filled my heart and turned my insides to a gooey liquid that needed my babies to be safe.

Magic is a virus. A plague, waiting to enter your lungs and choke you. To take everything from you, including your life, or leave you with nothing – turn you into an empty husk. An empty husk who can control everything, including your mind.

Book 9: Master of Sorrows by Justin Call // Rating: 4.5 stars

I received this book for free in exchange for review, and couldn’t be happier that I got to participate in the blog tour. It was a gorgeous high fantasy that crumpled up stereotypes in its fist and shattered my expectations. I won’t talk too much about it, as you can check out the review I’ve already posted if you want to know more.

Book 10: Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan // Rating: 5 stars

I know what you’re thinking. HOW?? How did I get hold of this? I got incredibly lucky with an amazing trade and honestly I’m still in shock. I keep taking it off my bookshelf and hugging it because it’s gorgeous and deserves ALL the love. Of course, I threw down everything else I was reading and picked it straight up and let me tell you that it is worth the hype. Every last page of it.

This Russian-inspired fantasy will electrocute the reading community and fasten itself into hearts for a long time to come.

Book 11: Sky Without Stars by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell // Rating: 5 stars

LES MISERABLES… IN SPACE. Yes, you heard me correctly. Sky Without Stars was the most delicious, fast paced chunky hunky book I’ve read in a long time. I loved the world(s), loved the system of tyranny and violence, and just about loved everything about it. I’ve always loved the musical, but now I’m happy to say I love the story. This author duo has given me a new appreciation for Les Miserables, and a new appreciation for them. I now need to find everything they’ve ever written. Including shopping lists, I’m not picky.

Book 12: Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

I desperately needed a book like this. Cute, contemporary and completely adorable. I needed something quick to get me back on track for my reading goal – and Heartstopper was the perfect choice. As a reread, I knew what to expect – but I fell in love with Nick and Charlie all over again.

Book 13: Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto

This fiery book was my final read of February, and also my second most anticipated release of 2019. The moment I had my hands on it, I was throwing everything aside (sorry not sorry) and cracking it open. I haven’t even finished it when I’m writing this post – but that’s okay because I’m taking part in the UK blog tour so you’ll hear all my opinions then. I won’t be sharing anything now, other than this: PICK IT UP. Please?

Phoenixes have always been my soul animal, and I’m so glad they are making an appearance into the YA world.

All in all, an amazing reading month – right?

So many rereads and new releases and I just had a blast of time.

Now to sit and wait for a bad book to come along and put me in a slump.

14 thoughts on “February Reading Wrap Up – Too Many Good Books and My Broken Heart

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  1. I just got approved for The Fever King eARC (bahaha) but I also had preordered it so I’m going to be picking this up in the next couple of weeks and Crown of Feathers and I am SO excited for both, also, you had me at Les Mis in space with Sky without Stars, that’s it, I’ve stuck it on my amazon list lol

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  2. Wow you read so much!!!! I love the Grieshaverse books so glad you read them. Also dying to get my hands on Wicked Saints, glad it lives up to the hype!

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