When the fire burns, and there is nothing left but ashes – a phoenix will rise. Life grows back stronger than before, until, one day – there’s nothing left to take it away.

Theodoric has always been surrounded by death. Prisoner in a gilded cage by the people who killed her mother and then have decided to parade her around for display. Wearing the ashes of her people.

It’s a heavy burden to bear.

And she’s had enough.

This book follows a strong, lively female character with an almost split-personality. One moment she’s submissive and compliant, and the next she’s willing to fight for what should be hers. To fight for what is right.

The Ash Princess is a stereotypical follow along of a strange female character leading a rebellion. Whoopi doo.

But it’s also so much more than that.

It’s about emotional conflicts, the evil in everyone – and about one Kaiser who’s willing to do everything it takes to keep control.

Control of a country that’s not his own.

Control of a country where he enslaves the natives, creates loyalty through torture and makes sure that everyone who needs a voice: doesn’t have one.

Ash Princess targets a lot of real life situations by reflecting them into a fantasy setting, tackling the painfully familiar with the fantastical.

It makes me question whether our mundane lives would be better with magic, and people able to control the elements.

Or whether power corrupts.

In this book?

Power definitely corrupts.

Deliciously twisted characters keep you turning the page again and again, flying through a heavy fantasy book with the ease of a comforting writing style. Laura Sebastian doesn’t hold back when it comes to trying to make you uncomfortable – but in the best possible way.

I had the biggest turmoil of emotions I have experienced with a book in a long time when reading this, constantly going from on the edge of my seat to “OH SHE’S SAFE FOR A CHAPTER” (so basically every time she was hiding in her chambers).

I was so invested in the Ash Princess’s livelihood, I was desperate to see her survive and thrive. And rise.

Rise from the ashes of her people.

A phoenix, reborn.

3 thoughts on “ASH PRINCESS BY LAURA SEBASTIAN – ARC Review #3

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  1. I enjoyed this too, especially when the significance of the title became clear. However, I’m not sure if I will continue with the rest of the series as I only remember small parts of the story now and I wasn’t entirely sold on either of the the love interests!

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