I have way too many books for a student who has a single room in a shared house. Of course, I’ve managed to cram four bookshelves in and they are the love of my life – but it doesn’t leave much room for anything else. I’ve got a growing pile of books that don’t fit on my shelves and I figured it was time to get rid of some books that I’ve owned for way too long or have little to no interest in.

Book 1) Viper

This one only just came out so I feel super guilty, but I’ve got both the ARC and the finished copy from Fairyloot and I just don’t need both? Sure, I have multiple copies of several books and I’m almost tempted to keep both until I’ve read it, but I know a friend of mine would appreciate it more so I’m passing it on. Maybe I can do a buddy read with them!

Book 2) Carry On

I haven’t completely decided which copy of Carry On I’m unhauling yet. It’s between the ‘colour your own cover’ edition or the hardback. Most of my other Rainbow Rowell books have soft covers, but I reaaaallly love the dust jacket on the UK copy and I’m just a little bit torn up. Do I keep the edition that matches the rest of her books, or keep the one I know I like more??

Book 3) A Daughter of the Burning City

I honestly have no idea how, but I ended up with two copies of this one as well. I’m actually choosing to give up the paperback edition rather than the hardback I have purely because of my preference on the cover. Although the majority of my books are paperback and the ridiculously tall format of ADOTBC’s HB won’t match them at all, I just really don’t like the paperback design.

Book 4) Frostblood

Again, I own two copies. This one is a bit different because I own the ARC and the FC and I actually do want to keep both, but I’m trying to be strict with myself and only keep books that I’m severely attached too. As I’ve had these ones for what feels like years and still haven’t picked them up, I figure one copy can GO. I’ll probably donate it to my book society’s ever-growing library so if I change my mind I can sneakily add it back to my own collection. I suck, I know but that’s the benefit of starting your own society at University. YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER.

Book 5) All Of This Is True

An agent friend of mine sent me this one about a year ago when they ended up with more copies than they could count and were desperate to get rid of them. I’m kinda interested in it and I may eventually pick it up again but I’m being realistic. It’s not in my genre tastes at all and therefore I’m just going to keep procrastinating myself from picking it up, meaning I might as well say BYE BYE.

Book 6) Sweet Black Waves

I bought this one at the lastest YALC back in July, and I even got it signed but since then I’ve fallen out of love with the idea of it. It’s not like I’ve actually given it a go and hated it, I just don’t see myself picking it up any time soon. With a sequel coming out, I might as well pass this along to someone who will give it the love and attention it deserves. Someone who will be excited to find that it’s signed and will fall in love with the world and it’s author. That someone just won’t be me.

Book 7) The Diabolic

This one I’ve actually read, and it was relatively good but it wasn’t capital A amazing or anything, so I figure I’ll pass it on. My main motivation for buying books and not getting them out of the library is that I’ll be able to access them instantly and read them over and over again, but I just don’t see myself rereading this one… ever.

Book 8) Heart of Iron

If you’ve seen one of my latest posts, “YA SCI-FI: HIT OR MISS”, you’ll know that I have a love-hate relationship with the genre. I couldn’t get into this one at freaking all so I’m going to say GOOD RIDDANCE as I slide it onto my dehaul pile. I have no regrets.

Book 9) Honour Among Thieves

Another one I’ve tried to get into and just failed epically, and I don’t picture myself wanting to give it another chance. The likelihood with YA sci-fi is: if I don’t enjoy the first 50 pages, I won’t enjoy the rest. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even get to page 50 on this one, so why should I keep it and have it take up so much space on my rapidly expanding shelves? Hint: I shouldn’t.

Book 10) The Glass Spare

This is the only one I’m willing to save off this pile if enough people tell me to keep it. I haven’t given it a chance, but it is actually fantasy (which, if you don’t know, is my one true love) and therefore I feel like it deserves to stay on my shelves a little longer. I’ve had it for a while though and I’ve had no inclinations to pick it up (until now). I’m pretty sure I’m only starting to want to read it because I’m getting rid of it, so it’s sat on a pile on my desk and I’m seeing it every day – rather than hiding in the dark shadowy corners of my bookshelf.

Let me know if I should keep any! Most of these will be going to my book society, so I’ll still have access to them if I change my mind and decide to give any of them another chance. I’m impressed that I managed to find 10 books I’m willing to get rid of, and there might be more in the future.

I’m currently having an internal argument with myself over if I reaallly need multiple copies of the same book. I have so many ARCs that I also own the finished copy of, and I need to sit down and really consider whether they are worth having when they are taking up so much space.

Would you guys be interested in a post where I go through all the books I own both the ARC and the final edition?


Add yours

  1. To each her/his own! I have one book that I know of for which I own two copies – hardcover & e-book – and that’s by accident. Personally I can’t reason having multiple copies of the same book especially multiple copies of multiple books. But if I were so inclined I could see it being difficult to get rid of them. Then again, sounds like you would have A LOT of room if you got rid of duplicate (so-to-speak) copies. That said I think you’re doing the right thing looking at any books and saying, meh I’m really not that into you. Good luck! For all the ones you have no regrets dehauling, if you’ve got that one you doubt, maybe you should just keep it and go ahead and read it. 😀

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    1. I’ve had a sort through and there are about 20 books I have more than one physical copy of (so a free ARC and then the finished edition), which adds up to like 50 books. I’ll probably make a big blog post about it 😛 I don’t neeeeed multiple editions but I do currently have the space for them and they are all faves. I also feel obliged, sometimes, to get the finished edition of the ARC I was sent to show that I still support authors and the publishers, rather than just taking advantage of the free books I get. I have the means to purchase extras, so why not? xD

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