Deep In The Ocean – To Kill a Kingdom Book Tag – [ORIGINAL]

I got the most awesome opportunity to work with Alexandra Christo on this book tag, so her answers will be coming up soon – in co operation with the Northern YA Literature Festival. An annual event, its the next big thing happening in the U.K. so I 100% recommend you check it out!

You’re going on a vacation on a cruise boat for a week. Which book(s) would you pack to keep you entertained as you explore the seven seas?

Depending on the length of time I go for, and whether I get tragically sea-sick or not (I’ll presume not), I’d be desperate to bring a whole library of books. I hate being stuck without choice on a holiday, it always puts me in a difficult slump. I’ll choose a trilogy to bring, travel – and then realise I’m just not in the mood for whatever books I brought with me. I’ve become realiant on bringing as many physical books as I can reason, as well as a device with a kindle & an audible app. If I’m really stuck – at least I’ll have options!

If I was leaving tomorrow, I’d probably pack my current read (The Poppy War) as well as my next read, Heart of Thorns for sure. I just received a bunch of audible preorders in my inbox yesterday, so I’ll choose City of Bastards, Bruja Born & Save The Date from them! That should be me sorted with a looooot of genres. And writing styles

You’re on the boat, and you start to hear your favourite song being played out from a nearby island. Which song would this be? What book do you associate with this song?

My favourite song definitely changes on a day to day basis depending on what mood I’m in. The one I always come back to is Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. I only discovered it because of the UK John Lewis advert but I listened to the original song and fell in love. If I had to choose a book related to this, I’d definitely want to chose one that requires travel – so I’ll chose The Girl That Travelled Through Time by Heidi Heilig. One of my most recent reads, but it incorporates an adorable (unofficial, but I ship it anyway) couple who should totally run off with their time travelling ship and get away from controlling people in their lives.

You go to the side of the boat and notice a mermaid sat on the rocks. She seems pretty bored. And you know of loads of awesome books. Which one book do you always recommend to people without fail?

RIGHT NOW, STARFISH. But if you’ve read a single blog post of mine previously, you’ve probably heard that before. SO I’LL CHOOSE SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I’d definitely say Not if I See You First. This cutesy contemporary is WAY underhyped.

The mermaid seems pretty happy with your suggestion, and swims off. You hear the song from a moment a go has stopped. And there doesn’t seem to many people about. Creepy, huh? What book gave you the chills whilst you were reading it?

I’m definitely not a massive horror reader, so if something’s giving me the heebie-jeebies, I’d usually put it down. I did enjoy Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake though. (She’s also the author of Three Dark Crowns!) And I get creepy vibes from the pictures in the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’s books. *Shivers*

The song picks up again. But this time, it doesn’t sound like the normal version you’re used to. It sounds eery, and you can feel yourself walking towards the sound. You’re in a trance. Which book hooked you in from the very first page?

I’m a naturally suspicious person when it comes to picking up a book, but I remember impulse buying the LUX books by Jennifer L Armentrout and getting lost within seconds. I travelled to my sisters room several hours later, slightly dazed with a ‘I’ve read too much in one go’ head ache. She’s a book lover too though, so she understood.

You’re climbing over the rails of the ocean, moving towards the sound of the singing. You jump into the ocean and a rush of cold hits you. What book has the biggest plot twist that you weren’t expecting?

I really can’t say much without spoiling anything, so I’m going to go ahead and say Damsel by Elena K Arnold. I knew something was going to happen, but I couldn’t have predicted THAT.

You begin swimming on instinct, nothing has come to get you yet. You feel like you’ve been swimming for hours. What’s the biggest book you’ve ever read? (Or the one that’s taken you the longest time to read).

The longest books I’ve ever read have easily been the Game of Thrones hunkers. However, one of my favourite fantasy series (The Black Prism books by Brent Weeks) are mentioned less by me, so I’ll bring these up. They’re high fantasy bricks which could probably knock people out. And I’m totally ok with that. Their length is perfect compared to the quality of the writing. They don’t drag out, but they’re fleshy and full and I should probably stop talking before I keep raving about this series forever–

Something grabs your leg. You start kicking. Which book deals with heavy/underdiscussed that always makes you want to put up a fight for righteousness?

One of the hardest books I’ve ever read has been Love, Hate & Other Filters which tackles Islamaphobia. Whilst I would never myself discriminate against someone because of a religion or race, I realised that I’d never really seen how strongly it effected people. I always took a unknowing, unconscious ‘not my problem’ sort of approach. But it is my problem, because racism is disgusting and I have a voice that could be used to help people.

They’re pulling you under the water. Which book had you on the edge of your seat, unable to breathe as you turned to the next page?

STALKING JACK THE RIPPER! I’ve been doing a reread lately and I completely forgot how on edge this book gets me. I’m so ready to read it’s sequels, and I 100% need more Thomas Creswell in my life. And more murder. Is that weird?

You notice a glimpse of red. You notice a fish-like tail. It’s a siren. Which book would you recommend for people who love the ocean’s mythical creatures?

TO KILL A KINGDOM! Alexandra might not want to recommend her own book, but I certainly can! When given the opportunity to design a questionnaire for her, I knew I had to do a tag like this based on her book. If you’re loving the questions, then you’ll LOVE her book. It’s like an evil Little Mermaid. BUT BETTER.

There is an enormous screeching sound. The siren lets go. You float to the top of the ocean surface, gasping for air. You’re alive. You get onboard the boat, dry off and clutch your books to your chest.

Which bookish-friends would you call to share your experience with? Who would you believe you? Who should do this tag?

I’d love for Jacqueline at to do this, Neelam at, Jemma at, Beth at, and Nicola at You guys are some of my favourite bloggers and I’ve stalked you to make sure you’ve read TKAK so (other than general busyness), you have no excuses c;

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  1. I’m planning to read Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children next month, and I’ve only seen a few of the photos yet, but I agree they’re super creepy.

    Also this is an amazing tag and I’m definitely doing it!!

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