These last few weeks have been hectic. Food poisoning, moving back to University – at least 1000 sessions of D&D to make up for the missed summer time period. A lot has been going on. But I’ve also had splashes of downtime. If I wasn’t Overwatching, I was reading. A lot. I smashed through ARC August and caught up on 8 upcoming releases, whilst also binging through September and digesting another 9 books. So it’s been hectic, but a good hectic. Especially considering I’ve had some reads that I’ve LOVED. And I know I’ve got more waiting for me.

Harper360UK sent me a physical copy of A Touch of Gold (which I’ve now read on audiobook and I literally could not recommend it more- it was flawless), and also a copy of Pride to read. Which I have not yet. But I will. Pretty soon because it’s gorgeous and the synopsis just hooks me and the author is an adorable human bean who I want to support with everything I have.

Penguin Random House UK, WHO I HAVE NOT WORKED WITH BEFORE, are sending me a copy of Jack of Hearts to review and I’m incredibly eager to prove myself to them and also PRETTY BOOK. What more could I want in life?

These packages have meant a lot to me. Moving is expensive. I haven’t ordered myself a book since my Kickstarter participation in Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper (although I have done some trades). I’ve also got Illumicrate’s Strange The Dreamer bundle to look forward to (BOOKISH POST EEEE) and I know they’re going to be precious and I will love them unconditionally. (Okay so I haven’t even read the first book yet but I haaaave read Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone so I’m confident that I’ve made the right decision in getting the special editions.)

It’s weird, relying on my sole audible credit to choose between all my anticipated releases. I know I’ll get my housing deposit back soon from my last place and that’ll mean I can order a bunch of books (but I won’t go tooooo crazy because I also need to eat.) I don’t really have much on pre-order either, with the exception of Tasha Suri’s ‘Empire of Sands’ (CHECK IT OUT) because I’m so excited for her debut and I love supporting UK authors AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Im also about to send my stats over to Pan Macmillan as a request for Enchantee. So that could be happening and that makes me squeal?

I’m relying so much on publishers treating me to gorgeous books, just knowing that I’ll be able to binge buy some soon.

I’m also considering selling books I have multiple copies of? (though I love having multiple editions so I’m very very torn). Or at least doing some trades so that I can have more stuff in the post. (I LOVE GETTING BOOKISH POST, OKAY?)

What have you got ordered or are expecting in the post? I’d love to know!


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