Since I’ve gone on a book buying ban, the amount of books I’ve been gathering every month has significantly decreased. I don’t spontaneously purchase books anymore, and I rely on pre-orders and book boxes as my main source of new releases.

What I wasn’t anticipating, though, is the amount of ARCs I would receive this month. I’ve been super duper lucky with some trades lately, and I wanted to discuss what I’ve got as well as what books are on their way to me!

The first thing I want to do is thank my friend, Aurora. I struggle to put into words how much she means to me, but it is so nice to have a friend who is as crazy about books as I am. For a long time I’ve felt out of touch with the book-community, like I wasn’t good enough to talk to other bloggers and content producers. I’ve always strived to be bigger and better than I am, but Aurora has helped me appreciate what I already have and makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. Not only has she stuck by me through some mental health issues, but we share books and talk about so much that, even though she’s a thousand miles away, I really feel like I know her. I’m counting down the days until BookCon where I can thank her in person, but for now- I hope this will do.

I know what you are thinking “WHY IS THIS CHICK GETTING ALL EMOTIONAL IN A BOOK HAUL?” Well… Let me tell you! Without prompting or asking, Aurora sent me THREE of my MOST ANTICIPATED 2019 RELEASES that she had extra copies of for the pure reason that she knew I really wanted to read them. I was desperate to get my hands on some of these books and I’d be trying to trade for them without much success. She took it upon herself to solve my eagerness and sent me a huge parcel full of ARCs PLUS an extra one that she knew I’d like. Not only does she know me so well but she’s such a blessing to me. I’m tearing up as I write this. I LOVE YOU AURORA.

I should really get started on the book haul, because honestly?! I could repeat myself forever and keep saying ‘thank you’ but that’d never be enough. I’ll try to be worthy of her though.

PACKAGE NUMBER 1 (Gift from Aurora)

Vow of Thieves

I can’t believe I’ve got this one in my hands. I was really lucky last year and managed to get an ARC of Dance of Thieves, but I thought that would be where my luck ended. I knew there were even fewer copies of this one being made, so I never thought I’d get one.


The Merciful Crow

I’ve talked about this one a little bit before, having had it on a few ANTICIPATED RELEASES lists- and I genuinely am so happy to have this one. I’ll be buddy reading it on Friday with Aurora and I’m super excited to get stuck in. Only a few more days to wait!

Spin The Dawn

This one I’ll be reading first. I’ve heard so many excellent things and I’m ready to add my voice to the pile of people raving about it. I’ve been in a reading slump for a few days since Aurora told me she was sending this one as it’s been the only book I wanted to read. I’ve tried a few others but nOTHING WAS RIGHT because I had the synopsis and desire for this one stuck in my head and I couldn’t get it out. And now I have it! THERE’S NOTHING HOLDING ME BACK.

Truly, Madly, Royally

I really don’t know much about this one other than the fact that it is freaking adorable and looks like the perfect summer read for me. The sun has only just started appearing and I haven’t really spent any time in the garden yet, but I’ll be taking this one outside pretty soon. When the weather is warm enough, I have a date with a Prince.

PACKAGE NUMBER 2 (Review copies from Harper360)

Harper always has my back, and this month was no different. I requested three books from them and tHEY SENT ME ALL THREE! Not only was that an amazing package to receive, but I can’t emphasise how beautiful these books look. I took a few photos straight away because the lighting was good in my room at the time, and I can’t stop staring at them.

The Beckoning Shadow

Not only is the cover a perfect example of my favourite colours ever, but it’s been getting super good reviews and sounds right up my street. Although the cover suggests it’s a YA contemporary, it’s actually a magical fantasy aND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THOSE.

Let’s Call It A Doomsday

I may not have read Heretics Anonymous, but that didn’t stop me from requesting this one. (I’m going to, okay?!). One day. Maybe. I just need to get my hands on it first, but at least I have this one to tide me over until I can get her other book.

This Time Will Be Different

Technically there has been a cover reveal now, but I’m actually a fan of this super sweet green colour. It’s just a really satisfying shade and I don’t know why my eyes enjoy it so much. BUT THEY DO.

PACKAGE NUMBER 3 (Review copy from Orbit Books)

The Rage of Dragons

I requested this one in one of my weak moments where I forgot about the whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ thing and completely crumpled at the knees and begged for this beautiful book to add to my collection. Not only is this the most stunning thing I’ve layed eyes on (seriously, if you think the photo is pretty then imagine it in real life where it’s 10 times better) but also DRAGONS. That’s all I need to know. The author seems pretty cool too, he likes my bookshelves and that’s an instant way to gain my loyalty and friendship.

PACKAGE NUMBER 4 (From a trade)


Guess who found a unicorn this month! I wasn’t specifically looking for this one as I thought I would never be able to find it, but someone put this up for trade and I just so happened to be the first U.K. person who commented on the post asking for a wishlist. I have to thank ‘Wishes’ (as I shall call her) for being amazing and agreeing on a trade with me. You fulfilled a dream that I didn’t think I was allowed to have because the hope would have killed me. Instead, I’ve died from happiness. It’s a pretty great feeling.

PACKAGE NUMBER 5 (From a trade)

Midnight Beauties

So I technically don’t have this one in my hands yet, but it’s on it’s way. I’ve got the tracking and I’m watching it move from the Philippines to Singapore and then onwards towards me. If you don’t know, I absolutely adored Grim Lovelies. It’s one of the few books I can proudly say “I read in one sitting”. It rarely happens as I have an incredibly short attention span and I can barely do anything for more than twenty minutes without needing a break. I don’t know why and I hate it, I used to be able to read for hours but now I need to read for a while and then scroll through Twitter or watch TV or something for a few minutes. It bugs me. I don’t need to check social media that much! No one will die without me! But it happens. And Grim Lovelies is one of the rare exceptions for that rule, and I zoomed right few it in a few hours. I hope the sequel is just as good.

PACKAGE NUMBER 7 (From a trade)


This photo, and any photo I’ve tried to take doesn’t do justice how pretty the drawing is in real life. It’s not quite as pale, it’s shinier and more 3D- and has completely stolen my heart. This style of drawing has always been my favourite, and that’s pretty much the only reason I wanted this book. BECAUSE OF THE PRETTY. I know that’s bad of me but I will read it, it’s not like I’m just cover-judging a book that I won’t read. I PROMISE I’LL READ IT.

I also received my Fairyloot box (but I won’t spoil the book until next month’s haul) and should be getting my Illumicrate at some point. They are shipping super late this month so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I didn’t get my box until the middle of next month. I know what the book is already though (the hint wasn’t very subtle), so at least I won’t accidentally buy the same book twice.

I’m really in awe of all the books I got this month, and I’m super duper excited to share my thoughts on them when I eventually get round to reading my humongous TBR. I’m not doing too badly so far this April though, I think I’ll be hitting 15 books read- which is very impressive and higher than my average.

I like it when I read more books in a month than I haul because it shows that my TBR is slowly getting smaller. (Slowly). Although to be fair, I haven’t really received many books over February & March time due to my book buying ban and lack of requesting. Sure, there were a few ARC trades (which will have its own separate post) but other than that I’ve not had much coming in.

I still have over 100 books to read though- and that’s only counting the physical copies. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

At least I know I won’t get bored!


Add yours

  1. Awww this is so precious ❤️❤️ Happy you got to get your hands on that many you were eagerly wanting to read! (I might go ahead and add a few onto my wanting to read list-eheh)
    All the covers are so pretty!! I hope they’ll all be good reads xx


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