It’s finally time for my The Girl King post!!

I have waited months for this blog tour. Months for this book to release, and I’m so happy it finally has. I read this book in July 2018 and I haven’t been the same since. I fell in love the the world building and the writing style, fell in love with the beauty and lyrical song of Mimi Yu’s book and I was crying happy tears when I found out I could ask her some questions related to her book for the tour.

As you all know, my brand is book tags. I love them. I love coming up with quirky book-related questions and exploring the thoughts of an author in a completely different style to a normal Q&A, so for today’s post – I wrote some questions for Mimi that she’s now answered!

You’ll be seeing a lot of The Girl King posts appearing, along with my responses to the tag as well as my review. There’s so much to come and I’m so excited, but for now?

It’s tiiiiime!

Lone Wolf – What is your all time favourite standalone?

Absolutes like “all time” and “favourite” make me panic, but I will say I recently reread Sarah Rees Brennan’s IN OTHER LANDS and it is so tender and funny and kind and genuinely whimsical that I’m honestly tearing up a little just thinking about it.

Strong Female Characters – What book with a strong female lead do you absolutely adore?

Dhonielle Clayton’s THE BELLES has just an amazing cast of female characters–heroes and villains alike. Lead Camellia Beauregard is nervy and graceful and ambitious in ways I’ve always wanted to be!

Sisterhood – Recommend a book series that has never let you down, and has stayed in your life for a long time.

I think this is technically middle grade, but I reread a few of K.A. Applegate’s ANIMORPHS books at least once a year. Those characters feel like childhood friends–the kind that didn’t grow up to flood your Facebook feed with mid-level marketing scheme adverts and questionable political opinions.

Empire – Give a shout out for an anticipated release/favourite book that also has an Asian inspired setting!

Cindy Pon’s WANT takes place in an increasingly prescient near-future Taipei that speaks to so many of our present growing ails: wealth inequality, capitalist greed, and environmental collapse. Its sequel RUSE comes out in March 2019 and I can’t wait!

Plot Twist – What book absolutely shocked you to your core?

Leigh Bardugo’s SIX OF CROWS duology is so deliciously twisty. I love a good heist plot.

Royalty – What’s one book that you either own 1000 editions of or would if you could?

I’m not much of a book collector, to be honest! I’ve always been pretty utilitarian about them–aesthetes would be horrified by my propensity for dog-earring. That said, as a teenager I owned two copies of LES MISÉRABLES so I could cut one in half and more easily carry it around with me. Does that count?

Apothecary – What book never fails to bring you back up after a knock-down?

This is kind of a weird one but Mikhail Bulgakov’s MASTER AND MARGARITA. It has a lot of beautiful, heartfelt commentary about the process of writing and creation, and it’s hilariously funny. That, or Megan Whalen Turner’s THE THIEF.

Journey – What book took you on a wild adventure from page 1?

Anna-Marie McLemore’s BLANCA AND ROJA is in many ways quiet and deeply poetic and atmospheric, but it’s also wildly surreal and imaginative and eye-openingly unique, so I think it qualifies here.

Betrayal – What was one book that you wanted to love but fell flat for you?

I’ve tried to read DUNE about fifteen times and I don’t know if it’s just dated or what, but I’ve never made it past the first scene.

Fantasy – Name a book that The Girl King lovers should read!

Natasha Ngan’s GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE has sprawling world-building and complex court drama in spades! And it’s just absolutely beautiful, romantic, and inventive.



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